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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Recognition for Rotary in Christchurch

The Royal Humane Society Presented a gold medal to the citizens of Christchurch for their acts following the earthquakes.

The recognitions to the 140 organisations of which Rotary District 9970 and Rotary International were presented by Mayor Bob Parker on behalf of the Christchurch City Council

The inscription on the plaque reads as follows.

In recognition of service to Christchurch in the Earthquakes 2010-2011.  Presented to Rotary District 9970 and Rotary International in recognition of  acts of kindness, service and heroism during and following the Christchurch Earthquakes.

Presented by Mayor Bob Parker.

The recognition goes to the Rotarians and Rotary Clubs in D9970,  to Rotary International, and the many clubs and districts in New Zealand and overseas that supported the the appeal.

We in D9970 acknowledge the generosity of Rotarians,non Rotarians,Rotary Clubs and Districts in New Zealand and overseas and thank them for their kindness and support.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Earthquake Recovery Support Project - February Newsletter

Welcome to this February 2012 circulation outlining activities of the Earthquake Recovery Support Project (EQRSP).

(Note; The Christchurch Rotary Earthquake Appeal Charitable Trust has a separate newsletter to communicate its activities but it too has been very busy receiving a stream of applications for support.)
We have encouraged all Rotary Clubs in the District to become actively involved in earthquake recovery support and this Newsletter is an important communication.

Christmas Shocker

On December 23rd, just as the city was breaking up work and preparing for the festive season, four earthquakes in quick succession shattered our confidence, caused further damage to structures, more liquefaction to dig out in the east and consequently have delayed the recovery and key decision making.

“A bad earthquake at once destroys the oldest associations: the world, the very emblem of all that is solid has moved beneath our feet like a crust over fluid, one second in time has conveyed to the mind a strange idea of insecurity …” – Charles Darwin 1839

An old quote, but so real to us all in the past year and as we mark the anniversary of the 22/2 catastrophe next week.

Burwood School Ends the Year

Burwood School, located in the eastern suburbs of Christchurch, has a roll of 352 (reduced by 80 post earthquakes) and a staff of 33. About 70% of their catchment area is now classified as Red Zone land which is condemned for future residential use so all residents within the Zone are facing the difficult future of finding new residences and moving from their current community.

The school has lost its hall due to structural damage. This curtails school arts and cultural activities. Many “normal” school activities such as camps, educational visits and similar have been discontinued because discretionary pupil money is not available due to the austerity and financial priorities being more evident in most homes due to earthquake consequences.

Van for Queenspark School

RC Christchurch and RC Bishopdale Burnside have partnered to half fund a replacement 12 seater van for Queenspark School. This van is also used by the community for transport to sports and cultural events which they are finding are now being held in the west of the city a greater distance away.

Other projects supported:

RC Linwood Woolston – Have had their scholarships for Linwood College and Avonside Girls High School pupils to attend University generously supported by D9910

RC Ferrymead – supported the Ferrymead Historical Society to construct a Tram Barn to shelter the historical trams which were a tourist feature of the Inner City. This has now been completed and opened.

Mobile Library Vans for City Libraries – this project, two mobile library vans, has been developed and currently City Libraries are procuring equipment.

We have received to support for one Library Van from the international Cotton On Foundation and an impressive initiative led by D9810, to organize and commit the Rotary Districts of Australia to provide DDF and a Contestable Matching Grant is currently in the approval process.

Many libraries in the city were critically damaged and a number were closed recently when found structurally at risk and needing repair – the vans will fill the gaps when they get on the road mid-year.

Pools in SchoolZ

These continue to be poular with organized “learn to swim” and fully used. The third pool was installed at Linwood Avenue School at the start of February.

Linwood/Woolston & Ferrymead Rotarians on the job.

EQRS Project Activity:
Rotary, through D9920 and the Chenery Memorial Trust (Auckland), provided funding and the RC Chch North volunteer services, for a marquee to host end of year assemblies, concerts, prize-givings and discos. Also, the Year 6 pupils, who missed their annual school camp, had a day at an adventure activity park and the PTA also organized a Fun Day to end the year.

From Teacher Jacquie Ching –“Thank you Rotary.  Your generosity, expertise and time certainly enabled Burwood School to end the year in a positive manner.  It enabled us to give the children as little disruption as possible with their normal end of year celebrations.”

Some quotes from people involved:
“Wow, this is so cool, feels like we are very special, can we sleep in here.” (Year 1 pupil)
“Amazing, an amazing experience, and amazing atmosphere, thank you Rotary for making this possible, a great end to a terrible year” (parent)

“I am so thankful to Rotary for enabling us to hold the final events for the year under cover.  It created such great atmosphere and got all the school community together as one.” (parent)

The Project committee recently met to kick off the new year. We have critically reviewed emerging projects we are aware of and the progress status of current projects.

There are a number of donors who have promised funds which we have not yet aligned to projects and we intend to address these in the next three months.

The Project intends to align with other philanthropists with a view to partner on larger project. Also, we will take opportunities to continue (and is some cases renew) alignment with clubs to foster support for their EQ recovery projects through alignment with wider Rotary resources.

The Project committee intends to source a further Matching Grant opportunity to meet the funding desires of some of our international supporters.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Participants Develop Projects

At D9970 RYLA Course in January, participant syndicates were challenged to come up with projects which would benefit youth in Christchurch, particularly something with an earthquake recovery theme.

Some very exciting ideas were innovated and presented. The favoured proposal (by popular vote) was ;
The establishment of a permanent, public, outdoor ping pong table, integrated into a community garden. We believe that this proposal would provide entertainment for young people, the chance to be outdoors, as well as the chance to be involved in a community garden, which has various benefits of its own.

While Christchurch has a number of community gardens in existence, we are not aware of any public outdoor ping pong (POPPs) tables in the city. There are many successful examples of POPPs in Berlin, Perth, London and New York. Through the combination of a community garden and a ping pong table within one space, the opportunity exists to further draw together different generations, interest and community groups (e.g. Gap Filler, youth groups), schools, and artists. 

We have funding available and the RC Chch Sunrise is going to provide mentoring and assistance to the RYLA Group to realize their project.

“Our purpose is to help Rotary clubs help their


communities recover from the earthquakes”

Friday, 23 December 2011

December 2011 Earthquakes - yet again, more damage

Yet again on 23 and 24 December Christchurch experienced significant earthquakes.

This picture is from Assistant Rotary Coordinator Ross Skinner showing, as he put it, that this time the fence won.  This sort of occurrance is widespread and in addition to the damage and liquifaction reported in the media.

If you would like to assist the Rotary response to the Christchurch Earthquakes please go also to

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Rotary helps restore emergency services

Staying prepared: Rotary International president-elect Sakuji Tanaka, of Japan,
looks over equipment with Tony Dowell, centre, and Tatsu Kuwasaki of St John Ambulance.
An international fundraising drive has replenished emergency resources that were exhausted after the Canterbury earthquakes.
Rotary presented Christchurch’s St John Ambulance with $70,000 on Saturday with contributions coming from Rotary clubs around the country and the world.
Lindsay Crossen, Rotary co-ordinator for the fundraising project, said the money would help St John replace medical equipment, personnel equipment, mass casualty incident equipment, medical kits, welfare boxes (to support staff in emergency) and first response packs.
‘‘Christchurch and Canterbury requires the full mobilisation of St John whenever disaster strikes. During the earthquakes, St John consumed a lot of their basic emergency resources to the extent that their capability to respond to another similar event to 22 February in the near future will be a challenge.
‘‘After being used in an emergency, many resources are damaged or consumed to the extent that they are no longer reliable or usable for first response emergency.’’
Rotary district governor David Drake said it celebrated the links between Christchurch and Japan and their recent shared earthquake experiences with President-elect of Rotary International, Sakuji Tanaka from Japan, presenting the cheque.
‘‘Mr Tanaka wanted to come to Christchurch to personally present the cheque.
‘‘The links between New Zealand and Japan have been strengthened this year and Mr Tanaka’s visit is recognition of that.’’
Also Mr Drake explained that The Rotary Foundation and Rotary District 3780 in Quezon City, Philippines, were the international connections who provided a substantial part of project funding.
South Island St John general manager David Thomas thanked Rotary for its dedication and fundraising.
‘‘St John is a charity that relies on the generosity of the community, and community organisations like Rotary, to help us with our caring activities. The costs and impact of the earthquakes have been great on us, so the support of the members of Rotary is vital. They have dug deep to support us and have also reached out internationally.’’
Tanaka’s visit to St John was an honour, he said.
‘‘The people of Japan know only too well the trauma and destruction of earthquakes. St John is deeply honoured to have Mr Tanaka visiting us in Christchurch.’’

Friday, 18 November 2011

A personal comment

We were fortunate to find ourselves in Christchurch for the latter part of Show Week and were generously hosted during two days by Margaret Reeve and Ross Skinner.  During this time we were shown around the city and had a brief look at many aspects of how the earthquakes had affected the city.  Like most outside of Christchurch we had learned about much of what we saw in the media but nothing prepared us for seeing the devastation ‘first hand’.  Frankly we were stunned and think anyone would be.   

The RESTART shopping area
Note the carpark building behind awaiting demolition
It is one thing to see media snapshots of houses damaged and abandoned but another to drive down street after street with house after house destroyed and only the occasional resident “hanging on”. Or even in the least affected suburbs to see all too frequently gaps in the landscape and continuous loss of chimneys, fences and occasionally a wall off a building – and know this is just what was readily visible.  The sheer scale of the buildings coming down in the CBD is staggering let along the size of most of these buildings.  Just mind blowing.

Then to see the Restart (container) shopping area – the ingenuity just blew us away.  Likewise how displaced businesses have managed to move to other parts of the city and get going again. We truly hope no other part of NZ has to go through this sort of experience in the future.  It is clear that support for Christchurch is going to be needed long-term for the city ... and its people.  What is being achieved by Rotary (and many other groups) is incredible and despite an immense amount of activity it appears the need has hardly been dented due to its scale. We could only marvel at the spirit of all we met, their resilience and determination to make the best of their situation.

-          Colin and Beryl Robinson

Earthquake Recovery Support Project - November Newsletter

Welcome to this November circulation outlining activities of the Earthquake Recovery Support Project (EQRSP).

(Note: The Christchurch Rotary Earthquake Appeal Charitable Trust has a separate newsletter to communicate its activities.) We have encouraged all Rotary Clubs in the District to become actively involved in earthquake recovery support. This Newsletter is an important communication.

Earthquake Focus Club Assembly

On 13th October, DG David Drake hosted a Special Club Assembly for Canterbury Rotary Clubs to update them on activities of both the EQ Appeal Charitable Trust and the EQ Recovery Support Project. The Charitable Trust has distributed over $1 million to over 100 applicants and the Project Committee has matched up about $120,000 to projects. Inner Wheel NZ EQ Committee also informed the gathering about its activities focusing on the needs of women, children and the aged.

The assembly provided an opportunity for clubs to report their activities over the past six months and give observations of what community needs could benefit from Rotary assistance. Generally there was a consensus that Rotary’s efforts to date are admirable and there was a lot of conversation identifying future opportunities.

Pools in Schoolz  
After February’s earthquake created a serious swim shortage for Christchurch’s eastern suburbs and Kaiapoi, local generosity is giving affected primary school students “a swimming chance.”   Sport Canterbury’s “Pools in Schoolz” initiative has been made possible through funding from Rotary International, Mainland Foundation, Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust and Water Safety New Zealand. 

Sport Canterbury authorised the purchase of two portable pools – which are being installed this week at Kaiapoi and at Queenspark School for the start of Term 4. Two more pools will be installed in early 2012.  In partnership with Christchurch City Council and Waimakariri District Council, the pools represent Sport Canterbury’s commitment to ensure that local primary school students continue learning the skills required to “swim and survive.” 

“Christchurch has lost 60% of its pool capacity,” says Sport Canterbury CEO Geoff Barry. “Generations have relied upon QEII; the February earthquake changed so much, so quickly, for local families. It changed more than their sporting habits, but their access to a critical life skill – swimming.”    “The east side of Christchurch now has a serious challenge,” says Barry. “The barriers (time, cost and transport) for eastern suburb students to reach western suburb pools are massive – and daunting. 

“We know that New Zealand has the third highest drowning rate in the world - this makes access to “swim and survive” skills absolutely critical for our young people.” 

 “Introducing a 'portable' pool is an ideal way to make an immediate difference for families who have almost given up on swim,” says Barry, who expects the pools to see over 500 kids swimming each week.  Rotary has contributed $84,000 to the project, 50% from Australian Rotarians and the balance from eight NZ Rotary Clubs and the EQ Charitable Trust. Three local clubs provided muscle to erect the two pools.  The attached link tells about the other EQ and youth sport activities promoted by Sport Canterbury.

Philanthropic and Agency Funds  

The following grants and funds are just some of those available. Detailed information about each Fund, application criteria and procedures are shown on their websites (just Google). Rotary Clubs may be able to facilitate and support applications by community groups.

·         Local Government and Community Branch of the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).
·         Lottery Grants and Community Grants Schemes
·         Family and Community Services funding
·         Child Youth and Family funding
·         Community Max
·         Charitable Trusts administered by the Public Trust
·         The Lion Foundation
·         Creative New Zealand
·         The JR McKenzie Trust
·         New Zealand Community Trust
·         Canterbury Community Trust
·         Sport & Recreation New Zealand
·         Techsoup (IT equipment)
·         The Tindall Foundation
·         The Todd Foundation
·         Vodafone NZ Foundation
·         Chch Rotary Earthquake Appeal Charitable Trust
·         ASB Bank
·         Wayne Francis Charitable Trust
·         Red Cross NZ Canterbury Earthquake Fund
·         Christchurch Earthquake Mayoral Relief Fund
·         Chch EQ Appeal Trust (The Prime Minister’s Fund)
·         Canterbury Earthquake Heritage Building Fund
·         Hardship Fund
·         Christchurch City Council
1. Strengthening Communities Fund
2. Small Grants Fund
3. Discretionary Response Fund
4. Community Organisation Loans scheme
5. Mayor's Welfare Fund
·         There are a number of companies which have also established Funds to assist EQ recovery.

Glenhaven Hosts RYLA Attendee

The Rotary Club of Glenhaven in the Sydney Area, (President Neville Candy) has sponsored a candidate to attend their RYLA Course in January. RC Christchurch West have chosen Sinead RENNELL of Halswell, Christchurch to attend. An excellent gesture by our Australian Friends.

Where are the Emerging Projects  

We are well past the recovery phase and are now very much into the rebuild phase. Many Rotary Clubs are considering where to focus their effort in their community. The following scenarios may give some guidance on where support is needed as many organizations address their purpose and sustainability as important contributors to immediate and future community wellbeing.
In the suburbs, many community facilities, sports and recreation facilities have been damaged or have ceased operation. This includes school facilities, swimming pools, sports and playgrounds, libraries, community meeting places, museums, etc. Whilst essential community services have been temporarily restored, it will be some time before the communities will enjoy the facilities and networks they previously had.

Supporting individuals, households and communities to rebuild their lives after earthquakes is an enormous task as people are relocated from their homes, leaving behind neighbours, friends, social and sporting clubs, schools, churches and many other networks that bind a community together. Community wellbeing activities need to offer responsive and flexible support for people. This includes help to cope with stress and uncertainty and minimize potential hardship and unnecessary disruption to housing, education and health. Communities and volunteer organisations need to be supported, so they can rebuild their strength and resilience for present and future generations.

The loss of the QEII Park sports complex in the east is huge because it was central to the operations of many clubs and organizations. Many arts organizations and artists have lost offices, performing and exhibition spaces and the means to earn a living. The loss of venues and volunteers threatens the continued existence of many clubs, groups and societies that bind communities together.
Fundraising, for which so many charities, disabled persons, schools, early childhood centres, sports groups, youth groups, aged peoples groups, etc, relied, has diminished. This is due to so many people, having experienced personal property or business damage, being reluctant to support fundraising activities to the level they traditionally have.


A $43,000 fuel bill paid
Contractors, who worked tirelessly to clean-up liquefaction from some of the worst hit streets and properties in Christchurch, are to receive a major financial boost.

The rural farming co-operative CRT, in conjunction with its fuel supplier Caltex, has announced it will pay $43,000 dollars in operational costs and fuel costs incurred by Bobcat and digger operators.

These contractors, who helped hundreds of families in February struggling to cope in the immediate aftermath of the quake, initially donated their time and equipment but were left facing a substantial bill as the extent of the liquefaction became apparent.

Immediately after the February 22nd earthquake, a group of private contractors and friends with access to machinery and diggers launched an operation to help clean up some of the worst affected properties Wainoni, Dallington and Avondale.

Over a two and a half week period this group cleared mud, sand and silt from more than six hundred properties, giving residents not only access to their homes but a renewed sense of hope.

Using commercial contacts and coordinating with the Rotary Club of Christchurch Sunrise and voluntary groups; ‘Operation Liquefaction’ is an example of small businesses coming together to make a big difference.

Their efforts will be recognised when CRT / Caltex and residents from Gertrude Place in Avondale hand over a cheque for $43,000 to contractors on Thursday 17th November at 2.00pm.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Tour the Red Zone ... heartbreaking

This video is 32 minutes but you can stop, fast forward etc at anytime.  Includes a commentary. 

Monday, 24 October 2011

Cricketing Fellowship goes in to bat for local cricket club

A huge thank you to New Zealand International Fellowship of Cricketing Rotarians (N.Z.I.F.C.R.) member and secretary John Hannah from Nelson
on his presentation of a cheque for NZ$3000 to Heathcote Cricket Club Captain Ian Cartwright.
The funds will be used towards the cost of rebuilding the Club’s pavilion, damaged during the earthquake earlier this year.

The Rotary Club of Christchurch Sunrise in conjunction with the Rotary Club of of Balwyn – D9810 Victoria has committed additional funding to support the earthquake rebuild of this much needed and used community facility.
See this link for further information:

Inner Wheel doing a huge amount

Inner Wheel New Zealand has received a large number of donations from Inner Wheel clubs world wide.  They have established a committee to advise on how these donation are best spent with a focus on women and children and their recommendations are then sent to the Inner Wheel NZ Executive for approval before distribution.

So far distributions have been made to:

St Pauls School (new library book having lost their library and books)
Cholmondeley Children's Home (therapeutic resources to enhance their programmes)
Cross Over Trust (organising school activities)
198 Health Services (for replacement equipment)
Cantterbury Charitable Hospital (Trauma Centre equipment)
Christchurch Women's Refuge (general items)
St John (two hand held radio sets for communications in the field plus two defibrillators)

and more plus more recommendations under consideration.

In addition Inner Wheel members across New Zealand have provided much by way of Donations in Kind, especially school clothing, nappies and knitting and quilts.

Note:  Internationally, Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s voluntary service organisations operating in the world.  For New Zealand please visit

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Down it comes

Demolition of the SBS Building (formerly Manchester Unity Bldg) on corner of Worcester and Manchester Streets

... was it meant to come down quite this was.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

October Update Newsletter

Welcome to this October circulation outlining activities of the Earthquake Recovery Support Project (EQRSP).

(Note; The Christchurch Rotary Earthquake Appeal Charitable Trust has a separate newsletter to communicate its activities.)
We have encouraged all Rotary Clubs in the District to become actively involved in earthquake recovery support. This Newsletter is an important communication.
Can you please ensure it is forwarded on to your Rotarians and EQ project teams in your club.

Matching Grants

In mid September we received notification that our Matching Grant application to The Rotary Foundation was approved. The project is for Replacement of Emergency and Medical Equipment for St John Ambulance - total project value $69,000.
Clubs in our District who supported the MG with commitment of their DDF are RCs Ashburton, Nelson West, Ashburton Plains and Bishopdale Burnside. RC Chch West and RC East Malden (UK) provided cash contribution also.
D3870 – Philippines, is the Matching Grant International Sponsor with a contribution of US$20,000. District 3780, which includes all chartered Rotary Clubs within the territory of Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, was formally established by Rotary International in 1989. Since then, District 3780 has held the distinction of being probably the only "one-city, one R.I. district" in the entire Rotary world. There are over 90 clubs in the District with more than 2000 Rotarians. See and read about our generous MG partners. Special thanks to PDG Danilo Espinosa for his excellent liaison

District Simplified Grant

Application has been made to The Rotary Foundation to approve a District Simplified Grant (20% of DDF – about $15,000) to be applied for earthquake humanitarian projects. This will enable the six “EQ Front Line Clubs” to spent their DDF allocation on projects in their catchment.

Portable Swimming Pools

Rotary has partnered with an initiative by Sport Canterbury to enable “learn to swim and survive” programmes in schools to continue (32 schools currently have no access to swimming pools with the loss of QEII, Centennial Pool and pools in Kaiapoi and Linwood). The first two pools have been ordered and will be installed at Kaiapoi and Queenspark Schools.

Funds have been committed by D9750 Sydney; RC Belfast-Kaiapoi; RC Whakatane; RC Coffs Harbour South; RC Nelson West; RC Richmond; RC Motueka; RC Bishopdale Burnside and CREQA Fund. Thank you for your generosity.

Respite Vacations

We have generous offers from North East Victoria (Aust); Northern NSW (Aust); and Rotorua for provision of travel, accommodation and friendly hosting to Rotarians who deserve a respite break from their business and home difficulties as a consequence to the earthquakes. Can Clubs give consideration to likely recipients within their midst and contact Lindsay Crossen to align the offers (all enquiries will be confidential)

Projects Completed

Roger Horton , Group Leader Mount Pleasant Sea Scouts with Sea Scouts Vaughan Bamford and Campbell Wright receiving a cheque for $4000.00.
The donation was made for rescue boat repairs so they can carry out their activities on Lyttelton Harbour as the Estuary is not available due to pollution and depth changes following the earthquakes. The funding was made up from RC Winton Club (Southland), RC Murgon Club (Brisbane) and RC Christchurch South who coordinated the project.
Support from Mosgiel

Colin Mackintosh represented the Rotary Club of Mosgiel was in Christchurch recently where he attended gatherings at Te Mapua Trust, RC Christchurch South and RC Linwood-Woolston. At these meetings cheques were handed over for more than $25,000 which had been raised by Mosgiel Club to assist with earthquake recovery projects. The Rotary Clubs coordinated the projects in their local areas.

The money contributed the Te Mapua Child & Youth Trust is for the purchase of equipment which will help it run the camps more effectively in the future. These include: 50 camp stretchers, 50 bed rolls, a covered trailer for transporting camping gear, a data projector and screen, and a portable public address system.
The Principal of Waltham Primary School, Gordon Caddie, was given a cheque to help rebuild the library shelving and Colin Hammond, Principal of Bamford Primary School (both are low decile schools) received a cheque for $3,000 to assist in funding an educational trip to Wellington. These projects will help bring some normality to those schools in EQ affected communities.
Support from the Far North
Soon after the February earthquake PDG Merv Huxford of District 9910 organised an humanitarian matching grant and aligned to the Aranui Community Trust. This association has progressed to nearly $25,000 of $500 Family Needs Grants being distributed to needy cases. This project has had great support from the Rotary Clubs of Bay of Islands, Kerikeri, Maungaturoto, Whangarei South and Kaitaia.
Separately, when Burwood School (which has 70% of its catchment Red Zoned) asked for assistance with 3 small projects, District 9920 and the Chenery Memorial Trust made funds available for RC Chch North to assist the school.

Emerging Projects

The following are potential earthquake recovery projects that the Project team is currently evaluating;
Mobile Library Vans to extend the CCC mobile library service where community libraries have been damaged and closed and the people demographics has changed around the City. A project is being developed in partnership with Christchurch City Libraries to assist them to rejuvenate and extend their current services.
Repair of “soft surfacing” under a number of playgrounds around the city – this has potential for a Club working project.
A number of Sports Clubs are now working on recovery of their facilities and projects requiring assistance are starting to emerge.
  • Shirley Tennis Club needs to get its courts back operational for its 400 junior players.
  • Shirley Boys High School is now back in their school (after six months double shifting with Papanui HS) but their half constructed astro turf sport area is unfinished and their cricket practice facilities and main wicket area need repair.
  • The pavilion at the Heathcote Sports Ground, a popular community, cricket and picnic venue, is damaged and requires substantial rebuild.
There are many “donor offers” waiting to support projects allocated or taken up in partnership with Christchurch based clubs. Christchurch clubs who have a project, or have lost their fundraising base and want to continue supporting their Charities and Programs, should contact Lindsay Crossen (contacts above) with their requirements

Special Clubs Assembly

DG David Drake has called a Special Clubs Assembly on 13th October to update clubs on earthquake assistance in the District and look forward to community needs where Rotary can assist “Recovery”.